The BPI Academy

“The bpi academy was developed to work in partnership with you to ensure that both your organisation and the people working for it are empowered to achieve their greatest potential.”

Hayley Morris, Director of Client Relationships

What is the bpi academy?

Your investment

For an initial administration joining fee of £60 and an annual subscription of £120, your organisation will receive the following benefits.

Academy benefits

  • A 30% reduction on all training course costs (excluding registration costs).

New for 2018

Starting in 2018, for every annual academy subscription paid, a member can choose one of the following benefits completely free of charge (worth up to £1,000)

  • Organisation Financial Performance Benchmark – Subject to there being sufficient financial information available we will benchmark your financial KPIs against those of your competitors, identifying areas of underperformance, discuss with you why this may be happening, and suggest a training programme aimed at closing the gap, including levels of investment and target payback period.
  • Workforce Development Advice – Through the Academy take advantage of some free support in developing your workforce development strategy, this can include-
    • Ensuring your workforce development is effective as well as efficient.
    • Identifying the most effective ways to develop your workforce.
    • Methods to measure the success of your training to ensure a return on investment.
  • 360° Appraisal for a senior manager – Take advantage of this confidential service, where we undertake a 360° appraisal with one of your senior managers and provide them with feedback, and help them develop an improvement strategy for themselves.
  • 1-2-1, two hour, Strategic Coaching Session – with a senior manager on a topic of their choice (e.g. time management, communication skills, business development, etc.), this will include a free online Belbin survey and a preferred learning style analysis.
  • bpi Profit Wheel Tester – The current and future success of any organisation cannot be measured solely by financial KPIs, we also need to look at sales and marketing, operational issues and people.  The profit wheel tester will indicate whether these four key areas of your organisation are in balance, or if some areas receive more attention than others (more information on the Profit Wheel in the next section).

The bpi Profit Wheel

The bpi profit wheel was designed as a simple concept to show graphically whether or not an organisation was being developed in a balanced way, or whether it was heading on a bumpy journey.

Very successful organisations are entrepreneurial in their approach, this means they continually focus on all those areas needed for success and growth and not just on the areas where there is pressure at that particular time.

Entrepreneurial organisations are consistently looking to improve across the following Key Results Areas (KRAs) –

  • Operations – How to improve productivity
  • People – How to manage people effectively to achieve a company’s vision & mission
  • Sales and Marketing – how to sell more and keep customers happy.
  • Finance – ensuring that managers are comfortable with all of the Key Financial Ratios and can use them to improve business performance.

In a balanced Profit Wheel improvement programmes are divided as follows.

The development work we provide (training, consultancy and coaching) to support each element of the profit wheel is shown in the rest of the document.

Join the Academy now!  Simply call Hayley (01685 884175) or Rachelle (01685 886357).