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Personal Effectiveness/HR

Our courses have been designed to help develop the key skills that are an integral part of improving performance in the workplace. Courses are ideal for people who are looking to refresh and improve their skills, or as part of continuous professional development. Our courses will improve confidence and develop the understanding of key workplace topics.

Sales & Customer Service

Sales & Customer Service training can deliver significant business benefits. Training your employees in better sales technique, customer service skills and marketing expertise helps boost sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Quality & Environmental

We offer a range of training courses relating to the implementation, maintenance and management of Quality and Environmental Management.  Our courses include ISO 14001 Awareness Training, ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management Systems and ISO 9001 compliant Quality Assurance Systems.

Leadership & Management

Our Leadership & Management training courses and development programmes are suitable for first time managers, team leaders, supervisors and executives. All our courses are taught by highly knowledgeable professionals with years of experience. We equip you and your staff with the skills and knowledge to enhance performance and improve the organsiation.

Health & Safety

You can’t afford to take chances with Health and Safety. Don’t take chances with your Health and Safety Training either. It is important to be able to demonstrate that you have undertaken approved training. We deliver the IOSH accredited Managing Safely and Working Safely courses as well as training for Risk Assessment and Senior Managers.

Bespoke Training

At BPI, we understand that an established training course may not always cover the specific areas and skills you require – after all, every business is different. We can design, develop and deliver bespoke training programmes specific to your organisational needs.


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Bite Size Learning

Our suite of 2 hour, Bite Sized, Power Learning Sessions have been designed to meet the needs of busy managers. They will be run at the beginning and end of the working day. To maximise the learning effect we will also provide a small amount of pre & post course activity.


Need help planning the devlopment of your staff? We’ll conduct a Training Needs Analysis and help you design a training and development plan to maximise your return on investment


We offer a wide range of consultancy services to help your business grow. We recognise that some times you don’t need training, you just need advice and support.  Our experience team is ready to help and assist.

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What our clients say

“Without doubt, the benefits have been huge, but what’s even more pleasing is that all the team members in the cell have bought into what we are trying to achieve. A mention also, about BPI’s trainer, who spent a lot of time with the team members. Nothing was too much trouble and everyone was full of praise for the way in which they were trained.”

Client Comment 1

Our business has gained from BPI Ltd bringing us closer to the target every time. Training the workforce has no down side. It allows development within the company and provides employees a chance to better themselves. The positive results are felt within the company, in society and the community as a whole.”

Client Comment 2

“The individuals concerned were highly motivated at the end of the course and felt that they achieved greater knowledge and awareness of processes involved in their job roles. Production Team Leaders (existing and new) have been on a number of Team Leader courses with BPI and their managerial/people skills have shown great improvement and we feel that this has had a great impact on moral within the company.”

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Why Choose BPI?

Choosing to invest in your people is a no-brainer. Choosing your training provider needs a bit more thought. Here are a few short reasons why BPI is the best choice for you, your organisation and your people.

  • We have been delivering high quality B2B training for over 20 years
  • All our trainers are highly qualified with real world business experience
  • We believe building long term relationships through partnership working
  • We are flexible and will build programmes specifically to fulfil your needs
Health & Safety`
Personal Effectiveness/HR
Sales & Customer Service
Quality & Environmental


About us

Since 1990, BPI has specialised in helping businesses across Wales and the South West improve the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of their organisation by investing in their most valuable and precious asset – their workforce.

Today, BPI is one of Wales’ longest established training organisations. Over the past two decades, we have trained more than 25,000 students and delivered more than 3,000 training courses. Our policy of continuous improvement and commitment to excellence means we work in partnership with your organisation to identify training and strategies that can make a real difference. We believe that working in partnership is the most effective way to bring about better performances, both in the long- and short-term.

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Manual handling causes over a third of all workplace injuries. These include work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as pain and injuries to arms, legs and joints, and repetitive strain injuries of various sorts. The term manual handling covers a wide variety of activities including lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and carrying. If any of these tasks […]

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